Egyptian Entry Visa

Most visitors arriving at Hurghada airport will need a visa to enter the country. This is different to your landing card. You can check if you need a visa by clicking here 👉🏼 Egypt e-visa portal

Getting your Egyptian visa is simple, you can buy it before your travel or you can buy it when you arrive at Hurghada International Airport.

Getting an Egyptian visa before you travel is now fairly easy to do and makes getting through Hurghada airport a little easier. Your travel agent might be able to arrange your visa for you or you can buy it online for $25 or £20-25 per person. Just click on this link Egypt e-visa portal

Buy your Egyptian visa online

Buying your visa at Hurghada airport is also not a problem. The queue at the ‘bank’ moves fairly quickly and you will find this located just inside the immigration hall. $25, or around £20-£25 will get you a visa entry stamp popped into your passport. Venture further into the immigration hall and your will find tour reps selling visas also, but these may cost you a little more.

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