Places to visit in Hurghada

Places to visit in Hurghada

Hurghada is a beach resort town stretching some 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It’s renowned for scuba diving and is perfect for wind surfing, but there’s a lot more to Hurghada! 

There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs and the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. 

Great places to visit are:

  • The aquarium
  • MIni Egypt
  • Hurghada marina
  • El Gouna town and marina

Book a car for 3 – 4 hours and we will take you to the oldest part of town to see some hidden gems. 

We provide the transportation and you get to visit

Dahar souk,

the fruit and veg market (not to be missed!),

El Mina Mosque and the

Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda.

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