Aisha Fahmy Palace

Aisha Fahmy Palace, Cairo

Stained Glass window at Aisha Fahmy Palace Cairo

Zamalek’s historic Aisha Fahmy Palace  is well worth visiting whilst you are in Cairo.

Princess Aisha Fahmy was the daughter of the Egyptian aristocrat and army chief of King Fuad I, Ali Fahmy. She was also the wife of Egyptian actor and director Youssef Wahbi. The Aisha Fahmy Palace was owned by her father and then given to her after her father passed away. The family lived in the palace for many years. 

The palace was built in 1907 and was designed by Italian architect Antonio Lasciac.

You will find the palace on the bank of the Nile river in Zamalek, on an area of 2,700 square meters. The two-storey building contains rooms with various original textile art and European oil paintings. 

The princess’s bedroom was decorated with gold leaf. She also had her own fitting room and a summer room next to the Japanese room. The chandeliers in the museum and the window paintings haven’t been changed since Princess Fahmy’s time. 

Aisha Fahmy Palace Cairo

After Princess Fahmy’s death in 1962, the palace was given to the government. A decree was issued to make the palace a presidential mansion, before it then passed to the Ministry of Culture. 

In 1976 the palace became a Center of Arts. Since then, the museum has hosted many Egyptian artists who exhibited their work in the center. 

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